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Efficient operation of warehouse automation systems requires reliable software. Thanks to our internally developed standards, you can rely on solutions enabling swift integration and startup of control systems.

An individual approach, as well as experience with numerous industries, allow us to undertake the execution of non-standard tasks and dedicated systems.

We are able adapt applications to unusual hubs and functions required in a given project. We offer standard interfaces for data exchange with WMS and ERP systems and machines, as well as extensive experience 
in building new connections.


Professional WCS/MFC information system for warehouse automation operation

The software has been developed using Microsoft .NET technology. The user communicates with the system using a web browser. This enables quick access from any place in the warehouse, without the necessity to install dedicated software on desktop computers. Access is also possible with mobile devices, such as tablets or phones.

LS WCS is integrated with any ERP that uses REST API interfaces. The entire data exchange with ERP takes place in real-time. It means that the data in the WCS and ERP systems is always up-to-date.

LS MFC is used for direct communication with warehouse automation. LS MFC transmits the commands received from LS WCS for execution to the automation system. LS WCS receives the commands for execution from the ERP system.

Through LS WCS, LS MFC informs the ERP system about the loading of individual zones in the warehouse. Based on this information, WMS can automatically make the decisions to start or stop warehousing processes to ensure smooth operation of the entire system, considering the dynamically changing situation at the warehouse.

It is possible for the warehousing automation (e.g. box stackers) to work as a Blackbox for the ERP system. In this version, ERP (in this case WMS) transmits the command to accept a container to the automatic warehouse. LS WCS independently selects an optimal place for storing the container and performs the entire operation of storing in the warehouse without WMS. Similarly, when receiving the command to release goods from the WMS system, LS WCS independently locates the container with the appropriate goods at the warehouse and automatically performs the operation of releasing the container from the stacker.

Data exchange between LS WCS and ERP takes place bidirectionally, in real-time.

LS WCS records all automation operations and events in a database. Based on this data, different reports are generated to allow for making correct business decisions.

The Maintenance Department has several dashboards available for displaying the current (and historical) automation system operating status. Active SCADA visualization of the entire automation system is also available.


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