As the leading supplier of solutions for logistic process automation, we understand perfectly well how important it is that your company retains business continuity during implementation. This should progress as smoothly as possible.

That is why we offer a range of innovative service tools that help enhance the management and maintenance of the basic components that are the heart of the warehouse system used. One of the services we offer is IT monitoring, which has been designed to protect the IT infrastructure in use. This all guarantees significantly more effective management of maintenance activities.


Why should you trust us?

All the service tools prove LOGISYSTEM’s engagement in the implementation of innovative, user-friendly solutions for our Business Partners. We cooperate closely to define and choose optimal systems, which will allow for successfully enhancing the business activity conducted. We also organize the necessary implementation support, regardless of the specific changes to be implemented.

However, these are not all of the benefits you can count on if you decide to cooperate with LOGISYSTEM.

  • In order for the automated system to always work with maximum efficiency, we provide a comprehensive service offer and support for logistic systems after project completion.
  • With our unique network of service technicians, we are able to rise up to any challenge.
  • Our employees, distributed throughout Poland and other European countries, provide competent maintenance and control the devices and systems in use.
  • With regular maintenance, as well as preventive repairs, we minimize the risk of system failure.
  • Our activities secure operational costs reduction, as well as system downtime prevention. We ensure long-term warehouse automation profitability.
  • We provide training for the Customer’s employees, educating them on efficient and safe operation. This improves system re-organization, as well as ensures maintaining maximum system operation efficiency.

Our service teams immediately intervene when mechanical or electrical faults occur. Well-trained engineers who have been working with our company for many years may also visit your warehouse to provide preventive electrical, mechanical and inspection support. They also engage in planning maintenance works, which allow to maintain smooth system operation.


Cooperation with LOGISYSTEM pays off!


Comprehensive maintenance services guarantee maintaining full efficiency of the systems operated, as well as the logistic and warehousing activities conducted.


We know the importance of regular preventive operations, which are to reduce the risk of system failure and prevent downtimes caused by technical failures. This all ensures long-term warehouse automation system profitability, which consequently allows your company to drive operational efficiency – regardless of the specifics.

In emergency situations and in the case of unpredicted failures, we aim at maximizing equipment availability through swift repairs. Working with us will keep the unpleasant surprises away.


You want to know more? You have questions? You're welcome to contact us.