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The comprehensive systems designed and manufactured by us, as well as the innovative technological solutions employed are highly valued by current and prospective customers. Thanks to our expertise, we successfully compete with major companies operating in the field of comprehensive automation for logistics and warehousing.

Since 2004, we have created and implemented unique projects for warehouse logistics, which help bring an organization’s work to a higher, more effective level. We put not only our knowledge and experience, but also our passion and love for automation, into each implemented system. We search for optimal solutions that support the development of companies in numerous industries. We are proud of our achievements and the satisfaction from the job we perform allows us to develop every day. We are trusted by many enterprises and the high quality of our services is confirmed by the opinions of our Customers from all over Poland and Europe.

“The proprietary ice-cream packaging line solution proposed by the supplier has increased the efficiency and productivity of the line. The automatic functions operate perfectly and the workstations for operators currently are more efficient than on the other lines. The line has been completed in a timely manner and with high quality.”


“The system has been implemented with high precision, care for details and engagement at every stage of the works. The contractor has complied with the recommendations and observations introduced during project implementation and they have also proposed a range of improvements and solutions increasing project usability.”


“Design and installation works have been performed perfectly. Despite the non-standard task and the need to perform a lot of tests due to very atypical shape of the article for transport, the company has made the effort to complete the project with success.”



Poniżej przedstawiamy wybrane realizacje i zapraszamy do kontaktu.


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