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Main services provided by LOGISYSTEM include services for the logistic and warehousing industry and automation of logistics, warehousing or distribution processes. We also possess extensive experience in automating processes in other industries, such as the e-commerce, pharmaceutical, automotive, food and cosmetics industry. We propose individual solutions customized to your needs.


Maximize your company performance


What are the benefits of warehouse automation?

Dynamic business changes, especially those observed over the last year, result in growing demands for logistic processes.  More and more often our customers ask about more efficient technological solutions that do not require additional space. Logisystem process optimization helps maximize performance of the organization in terms of time, costs and quality of the services provided. Warehouse automation supported by appropriate process optimization allows for increasing productivity rates to meet the expectations of our customers.

System performance is crucial for the operation of flexible warehouse and fast service delivery. LOGISYSTEM combines expert knowledge with many years of experience. As a result, we can design a harmonious environment that supports efficient company performance management.

Key processes in the individual Logisystem business areas, which a re the focus of process automation, include in particular:

  • acceptance,
  • storage,
  • picking,
  • sorting,
  • packaging,
  • consolidation,
  • release.

Process optimization allows us to analyze root causes, identify and implement emergency plans, monitor and improve the quality of line and system operation. We draft strategies, report and implement the information relevant for your business.

Process automation constitutes ground-breaking change for a company, which is why we support you during the entire implementation process.


You want to know more? You have questions? You're welcome to contact us.