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LOGISYSTEM is an engineering company designing, implementing and integrating warehouse logistics systems with predominant portion of automation and control systems. It was established in 2004 by automation and process specialists.

Od 19 lat z powodzeniem realizujemy indywidualne projekty oraz kompleksowe wdrożenia systemów dla logistyki, magazynowania, dystrybucji e-commerce, branży kurierskiej, przemysłu farmaceutycznego, spożywczego i wielu innych. O wysokiej jakości naszych usług świadczą opinie Klientów z całej Polski i Europy.


What else can we do for you?

We offer automation systems for logistics and warehousing, as well as solutions supporting human work at every stage of the performed tasks.

Our team is composed of highly qualified specialist: designers, programmers, installers,
service engineers and others. This allows us to comprehensively perform our tasks.  From concept drafting, through design, delivery, installation, to finished system commissioning and service.

Extensive knowledge amassed through many years of operation in different industries and with numerous partners allow us to guarantee professional advisory services within the scope of logistic and warehousing processes. LOGISYSTEM is composed of experienced specialists who know their jobs perfectly. They will answer every question, solve any concerns and indicate optimal solutions tailored to your company’s needs and requirements.

Why us?

Every day, we operate with open passion and determination in striving for innovative and safe solutions. We do everything to use the knowledge we have gained to continuously increase the quality of the services we provide. Thanks to cooperation with partners from different areas, nothing can surprise us –we are able to perfectly manage even non-standard systems that require specialist knowledge and innovative solutions.

  • We build our systems from the highest quality components, guaranteeing full functional reliability. At the same time, we maintain a good balance quality and functionality against the price offered.
  • As part of our implementations, we use a range of innovative solutions distinguished by design aesthetics
and attention to detail.
  • We always do everything to propose optimal solutions for our Partners, tailored to their needs, requirements and the specifics of their business.
  • The support offered is not limited only to design and implementation. It lasts long after, for example through maintenance services and professional consultations.
  • We provide access to comprehensive logistic projects, which are always customized to the specificity of the industries, in which our Partners operate.


Feel free to review our full offer, as well as to contact us. Together, we will find the best solution to every problem and for each investment, regardless of its type and level of complexity.