Efficient operation of warehouse automation systems requires fast software. We developed software standards that allow for fast preparation and start-up of the line control system.

Potrafimy sprawnie dostosowywać aplikacje do nietypowych węzłów i funkcji jakie są wymagane w danym projekcie.
Indywidulane podejście i doświadczenie w różnych branżach umożliwia nam podejmowanie realizacji także zadań nietypowych i układów dedykowanych.

We offer standard interfaces for data exchange with WMS and ERP systems and machines, as well as large proficiency in building new interfaces.

Our programs are used in different systems in numerous industries.

We develop software tailored to the needs of a specific warehouse and logistic infrastructure that allows for continuous tracking and analyzing of ongoing processes. We detect device and product errors and other events with the use of sensors, scanners and alarm condition and error signaling. Moreover, we can achieve performance metrics, create simulations, strategies and techniques for product picking, transport and distribution.

Visualization and reporting systems are created based on industrial PLC and SCADA solutions and industrial communication networks.
We develop software for PLC controllers and operator's panels, SCADA computer stations, industrial networks and others.

We also create control rooms/dispatch stations for the operation and monitoring of the entire process with the following functions:

  • visualization;
  • archiving;
  • graphic data presentation;
  • setpoints;
  • alarms;
  • reports.


We professionally develop interfaces to WMS/ERP/MES systems.