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Jako generalny wykonawca systemów automatyzacji procesów logistyki dostaw i magazynowania,  zapewniamy naszym Klientom dostęp do dedykowanego doradcy, który skoordynuje pracę na wszystkich etapach integracji.

Using professional and proven project management methods, we guarantee effective and timely completion of each project stage. Without any implementation downtimes that could affect the effectiveness of your company’s operations.

Comprehensive help at every stage of integration

Close cooperation with the Customer’s project manager, as well as regular follow-up meetings attended by all stakeholders, allow for optimal information exchange. This ensures maximum transparency of the entire process – from the design phase, commissioning the finished installation, where all systems (manual, partially or fully automated) are perfectly aligned with each other and cooperate harmoniously.

An individual approach, as well as experience with numerous industries, allow us to undertake the execution and integration of non-standard tasks and dedicated systems. We are also able to adapt applications to unusual hubs, as well as the features required in a given project.

We are looking forward to our cooperation!

Process automation and re-organization constitute a huge change for any organization, regardless of its size. For this reason, choose to cooperate with specialists. With LOGISYSTEM, you can count on full support throughout the entire process. At each stage, you have access to the professional knowledge of our specialists, who will do everything for your company to benefit from innovative solutions. This is the best way to significantly increase the effectiveness of all logistic and warehouse processes.

  • Minimizing the risk of errors – continuous access to proven specialists allows to avoid many problems in relation to, for example, implementation of individual solutions; with us, you can be sure that everything will go smoothly.
  • Smooth company operation in every situation – efficient integration is an ideal way to maintain a high level of each order fulfillment, without any downtimes that could lead to serious financial losses.
  • Flexible approach and quick response to any irregularities reported – thanks to our specialist’s work, finished systems are initiated smoothly, without unnecessary delays that could affect the company’s operations.
  • Maximum safety – the efficiency of implementing automatic solutions for logistic and warehousing processes depends also on the guaranteed protection of devices, systems and employees alike; thanks to jointly conducted integration, everything will progress with utmost safety.

We provide professional advisory services at each stage of the conducted activities. Our specialists will lead you through the entire process and answer all of your questions.We heartily invite you to cooperate with us.

You want to know more? You have questions? You're welcome to contact us.