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Warehouse extension and modernization with LOGISYSTEM involves comprehensive project support – from advisory services and planning to professional and efficient implementation. We go the extra mile to properly understand the needs of our Customers. That is why we conduct a thorough analysis of the processes’ requirements and specifics applicable to the operation of the systems that we develop before presenting the initial designs. At the same time, we guarantee innovation and high quality of their development.

We design from scratch, as well as retrofit and enhance the solutions already in use. In the latter case, we ensure core business continuity without any implementation-related disruptions.

How do we create logistic projects?

We have been active in the market for many years – during this time, we have had the opportunity to work with companies operating in various production or delivery areas. This has prepared us for any possibility. We are also able to propose systems that will definitely enhance everyday operations.

Jednocześnie zdajemy sobie sprawę z tego, że nasi partnerzy potrzebują rozwiązań dedykowanych, które będą w stanie spełnić wszystkie ich wymagania i potrzeby. Z tego powodu każde zlecenie wykonujemy w kilu etapach:

  • First, we listen and study the information provided by the Customer and, based on it, we start system analysis and planning.
  • We conduct a very detailed assessment of the organization’s situation, we ensure that the decisions made are safe and we visualize the future processes. 
  • We calculate the budget and determine a detailed project execution schedule. While doing this, we take into consideration not only the current, but also long-term efficiency of the Customer’s intralogistics processes.
  • In order to ensure flexibility in every situation, we plan the capability to smoothly extend the automated warehouse system and its adjustment to changing conditions in advance.
  • We guarantee full support not only at the design stage, but during the performance of the commissioned activities and also system maintenance. We know that new project implementation takes time, so we are always available for our Customers.


Why use LOGISYSTEM projects?

Cooperation with us provides a range of benefits in relation to successful warehouse retrofitting and extension. Most importantly, we provide you with access to comprehensive services. We will make any effort to appropriately enhance the logistic operations at your company.

What else can you count on?

  • support at every stage of the project
  • safety guarantee
  • significant efficiency improvement of the logistic processes and warehousing of goods
  • efficient transition from manual activities to automation of many operations
  • better work organization at the company
  • lead time reduction for the most important tasks
  • investment and operating costs reduction


We guarantee professional advisory services to help you modernize your organization – regardless of the scope of works necessary and the characteristics of the logistic and warehousing processes.


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