We specialize in building conveyor-based automation systems. We construct conveyor systems for logistics and warehousing from standard serial modules of leading global manufacturers. The systems are based on roller, belt, chain conveyors, lifts and many others. We execute the change of direction with belt and pop-up transfers and other elements selected based on product size, mass and type and efficiency.

During the design stage we select technical parameters of conveyors and modules that are part of the system based on product size, mass and type and efficiency.

We equip the systems with machines and equipment necessary to achieve the required functionality, such as:

  • scanners;
  • scales;
  • labeling machines;
  • tail sealers;
  • strapping machines and many more.


The features of our solutions are:

  • highly reliability;
  • aesthetic and quality installation;
  • standardization;
  • flexibility;
  • low noise and vibration level.


We construct the designed systems in a comprehensive manner – together with control system, installation and start-up.

The control systems are built based on PLC controllers, such as: Siemens, operator panels, SCADA stations. We use the components of highest quality from global manufacturers such as Rittal, Siemens, PhoenixContact, Omron, Eaton, Mitsubishi and Festo.

Very high quality and attention to detail of stations, on-site installation, marking, documenting or software guarantees perfectly operating system.